Service Outage Alerts

At MIDTEL, we pride ourselves in our reliable service. When an occasional outage occurs, we will respond as soon as possible. Check below for frequent information regarding outages.

Date of OutageTown(s) Impacted By OutageType(s) Of OutageApprox. Time of EventEstimated Time Until RecoveryStatus
8/5/2022All Cable Served Locations, Middleburgh, Oak HillFiber, Internet11:15:00 AM7 HoursResolved
8/5/2022Broome, Central Bridge, CobleskillPhone, Internet, Email9:00:00 AM4 HoursResolved
8/5/2022North BlenheimCable TV5:00:00 AM9 HoursOngoing
8/5/2022Broome, West FultonFiber11:00:00 PM1 HourOngoing
8/5/2022All Cable Served Locations, North BlenheimEmail1:00:00 AM1 HourResolved
8/5/2022Howes CaveFiber, Internet12:30:00 PMUnknown Ongoing
8/5/2022BroomeCable TV5:30:00 AM1 HourResolved
8/5/2022BramanvilleFiber2:15:00 PM5 WeeksOngoing


If you’re not in an area affected by an outage listed above but you’re having an issue, please contact us.

Check out local power companies to ensure that your outage is not caused by power issues:
Central Hudson Power and Electric Outage Map
National Grid Outage Map
NYSEG Outage Map