Seasonal Services

MIDTEL provides seasonal services to our residential and business customers. A Seasonal Plan allow you to put your Internet, Phone, and Cable TV services on “vacation” while you are away and easily restore them upon returning. You can only enroll in this plan once every 12 months, and you must contact us BEFORE you leave.

For the Seasonal Period, you can choose to either keep the equipment at your location, or to return it to us. If you choose to keep the equipment for the seasonal period, you must unplug the power to all equipment, including WiFi Routers and Set Top Boxes. Upon returning, if the equipment is not operational due to negligence, there may be a charge. You are responsible for all charges billed through the disconnect date.


Minimum service period for Seasonal Customers:
CATV/INTERNET/LD: 1-Month Minimum (CATV APP “Seasonal Reconnect $20.00)

DSL: 5-Month Minimum

Access Lines (Residential or Business): 6-Month Minimum


DSL Seasonal Services ($32.50):

  • 5-Month Minimum Service Period
  • The charge will apply for enrollment in this program and will appear on your internet bill
  • You can use MIDTEL NET’s web-based email platform for sending and receiving mail when on this program using Or, if you prefer, have any/all of your MIDTELNET mailboxes forwarded to another.
DSL Seasonal Application


Fiber Seasonal Services:

  • 6-Month Minimum Service Period

Returning Seasonal Customer: $25.00 FIBER SEASONAL CHARGE

  • If you are picking up a piece of equipment after turning it in, then no appointment is required – this is covered in the $25.00 FIBER SEASONAL CHARGE
  • If you are picking up a piece of equipment after returning them, & a scheduled visit is required/requested – generates a SERVICE CALL CHARGE-PER ACCOUNT
  • If you return and changes the bundle, then a BUNDLE INSTALLATION CHARGE will apply
  • If choosing NO bundle on the way back in then the normal Seasonal Re-Connection fees would apply


Since every customer’s seasonal behaviors are unique, please call us at 518.827.5211 to discuss your options and rates.